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Our goal is not a one-time cooperation, but a customer who will gladly return with another project. We do not want a huge number of projects at any cost, which we are not able to handle 100%. We want customers to be happy to come back and to be happy with the cooperation. Our goal is not the quantity of projects, but their quality. But that does not mean we reject the projects. Our principle is fairness and action. In the event that we cannot fully take care of your project at the moment, we will notify you and try to find out a solution. In case your project is in time pressure, we will try to arrange with other clients and eventually reorganize and redirect our sources if all parties agree.


We want all our projects to look good and also to work well. They are our image and we act accordingly. We do not work in half and do not try to simplify it at your expense. When it comes to the project, we are detailists and we are not ashamed of it.


Kotva 1
akce Cinestar a VJ OBUV
lymfodrenáž ballancer
tenisová hala
sleva wild 35
lyžování a snowboarding
sleva 25
zdravotnický dozor



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První Mobil s. r. o.


č. p. 290

370 01 Litvínovice

Czech Republic


tel.: +420 607 138 378


Data box ID: uayid4s


ID: 030 07 804

VAT: CZ03007804

After previous agreement you can meet us in České Budějovice, Prague or Pilsen, where are our representatives regularly.

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