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lekce tenisu


We offer tennis lessons for beginners and advanced. The lessons are led with a professional approach and are also focused on general sports training. We offer individual and group trainings. For children under 15 years of age, we also offer membership in the TJ Motor České Budějovice free of charge.

lekce vodních sportů


We offer lessons of selected water sports, especially paddleboarding on by us loaned or your on your own standup paddleboard. Lessons take place on the South Bohemian rivers, ponds and the Lipno Dam, always according to prior agreement on the venue and time of the lesson. Lessons are suitable for children and adults.

lekce zimních sportů


We offer ski and snowboard lessons in individual or group courses for children and adults, advanced or beginners. Courses are held in most ski resorts in South Bohemia and nearby German and Austrian resorts, always according to prior agreement with course participants.


we are looking forward to work with you


operates: První Mobil s. r. o.


č. p. 290

370 01 Litvínovice

Czech Republic


tel.: +420 607 138 378


Data box ID: uayid4s


ID: 030 07 804

VAT: CZ03007804

Our company is also active in sports and related services. Coaching services are provided by qualified professional trainers, who will always be dedicated to you with maximum dedication and ensure progress in your chosen sport. We also offer rental, sale and maintenance of some sports equipment.

After previous agreement you can meet us in České Budějovice, Prague or Pilsen, where are our representatives regularly and where in case of sufficient number of interested persons we also provide all of our services.

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