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Our company is also active in health care and first aid. We can provide for you health care providers for sporting, cultural or other social events. We will also prepare first aid courses or presentations and experiential events in the field of first aid. Our lecturers and paramedics are not only specialists with pedagogical training, but also experienced paramedics actively working in the ambulance service, in hospitals or for example in the water rescue service.

Providing of paramedic's

We offer providing paramedic's for sporting, cultural and social events. Supervision can be provided for your event for several hours or in case of a longer event or for example a sports camp for several days. We provide medical assistance throughout the Czech Republic or in neighboring countries.

We approach each event individually and according to the number of participants we plan the presence of appropriate medical staff and equipment. For this reason, the price calculation for each event is also individual.

When providing first aid, our medical staff are professionally equipped with the appropriate medical supplies and aids. In case of your request we can also arrange an ambulance or rescue boat. Our healthcare professionals are also always dressed in reflective clothing with appropriate markings so that they can be easily seen when needed. Alternatively, depending on the type of event, they may also be in formal or other appropriate clothing.

First aid courses

Do you need to provide first aid instruction in your company, driving school or educational facility?

Then our first aid courses are here for you.


Exactly according to your requirements and area of business we will prepare for you a first aid course in which participants will gain knowledge about life-saving procedures and provide first aid in injuries and other sudden conditions that they can encounter anytime and anywhere in their lives. We will also prepare for you specialized first aid courses for participants of driving and professional drivers with a focus on providing first aid in road traffic, where the participant will acquire, in addition to the above, knowledge about the organization of assistance in the event of an accident.

In case we prepare for you a school or company course, it is also possible to combine it with an experiential form or, for example, with a presentation of the provision of professional first aid and rescue equipment.

Medical presentations and teambuilding events

We will show you what can happen in your life and how to behave in crisis situations. We will help you to increase your knowledge in the field of first aid and work safety in a fun way. You will learn with us how the IZS and other IZS units work. You will be more confident and we will teach you, your employees or friends how to work in a team and how to get the most out of yourself.


We will prepare a program for a teambuilding event or presentation for you and always fully respect your wishes. We can prepare for you a presentation or experience on the ground, in the air and on water, or various combinations of such presentations or experiences.


We will advise you on the selection of presentations or activities with regard to the abilities and possibilities of the participants. The presentation or organization of events is always organized and provided by an experienced team or individual experienced rescuers.

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Demand for health care providing, course or experience

Thank you for your interest in our services. We will process the offer for you and send it as soon as possible.

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After previous agreement you can meet us in České Budějovice, Prague or Pilsen, where are our representatives regularly and where we also provide all our services.

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